AX210X Dual Ports FXO Module


The AX210X dual port FXO module allows the AX1600P card or IP0X series IP PBX to terminate 2 analog telephone lines (POTS). A user can activate additional ports at any time with more AX210X modules. The AX210X module passes all the call features, any standard analog telephone line will support.


Works with below device

AX1600P (16 analog ports mother board)

AX-E-1600P ( 16 analog ports PCI-E mother board)

IP02 ( 2 ports Asterisk embedded IP PBX)

IP08 ( 8 ports Asterisk embedded IP PBX)



Curs Valutar

Curs oficial BNM 24.02.2020

EUR1EUR  19.2607
USD1USD  17.8258
RUB1RUB  0.2763
RON1RON  4.0097
UAH1UAH  0.7287


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