ENTC-1000 Encore Thin Client

Encore thin-client is the perfect computing terminal that your small / medium size business will ever need; it’s ready to go right out of the box; Encore thin-client will work with operating system with RDP (Remote-Desktop-Protocol) server software installed. User just login, and perform daily work as if one is sitting in front of a desktop / laptop. This product is perfect for small office, internet café, point-of-sale, and other networked environments. In addition to its versatility, Encore thin-client is also affordable as well as low-maintenance. It uses minimal amount of hardware to achieve what is required to run graphic intensive OS. And it’s virtually free of maintenance; software installation / upgrade only needed to be performed on the server-side. Encore thin-client will bring cost-effectiveness & technological scalability to your business!


•  Embedded Linux kernel 2.4.21

•  High-Performance 2D Rendering Engine

•  Support TCP/IP communication

•  Support X-Window Protocol

•  Web-based remote management capability

•  Interoperable with Windows/Linux/Unix (server must have terminal user software installed)

•  Minimal client-side maintenance


Processor: Cirrus Logic EP9307 ARM core embedded processor, 200 MHz
Network: 10/100 Base T
USB: 2 ports of USB 2.0
Video: sub DB-15 VGA output, support 15 bits color, resolution up to 1024x768
Power Consumption: 5V, 2A (without RS-232 communications)
Audio: Stereo Audio
Human Input Device: Support USB or PS2 mouse / keyboard / barcode reader


Official BNM exchange rate on 30.03.2020

EUR1EUR  19.9118
USD1USD  18.0877
RUB1RUB  0.2313
RON1RON  4.1184
UAH1UAH  0.6461


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